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Reducing running injuries by improving your technique

Whether running is a pleasure, a necessary evil, or a moment of peace and quiet, you don't need make it any harder than it already is. The correct running technique can reduce inefficiency and minimize energy loss, it also reduces the chance of incurring an injury, which may require you to stop running completely.

If you are suffering with an old or new injury, have a target that you are trying to reach, or would like a bit of advice our services are designed to give the support you need to keep you on your feet, improving and making the most of your running.


Injury rehab can speed up the overall healing process of an injury and get you back running as normal.


Whether you are an amateur or professional there is always something that can be improved.


MLD is an advanced massage technique designed to reduce inflammation and speed up the body's ability to heal.


Perfect for relieving everyday aches and pains and resolving long term niggles that won't disappear.