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Recreational runners

recreational runners

recreational runners


Steph came to us as a recreational runner of a few years. Having done a handful of half marathons, she had set herself a goal of running the London marathon. Her hope was to be able to complete the marathon without stopping, however she was presenting with a couple of injuries that got more painful the further she ran. Steph underwent a full running and movement analysis and we noted a couple of irregularities in her stride pattern as well as weaknesses and imbalances that would be contributing to her injuries and discomfort whilst running.

We went on to do some technique correction drills, as well as a comprehensive rehabilitation program. She was also provided with an at home rehabilitation strengthening and mobility program. Following a 6 week program Steph's running technique was much improved and more efficient. She was also able to run further with next to no pain.

As we have both now realised, if you are doing your first marathon and you are wanting to more than just get around, the London marathon is not the ideal first race. The crowds make it extremely difficult to find your pace and get in to your rhythm. As a result Steph had a difficult and painful run round, but still managed to complete.

But not to be put off she went on to run the slightly less crowded Liverpool marathon a month later. She found herself able to find her pace and rhythm and able to concentrate on doing the correct technique that she had learnt, completing the race 26 minutes faster than the London marathon.

Since then Steph has gone on to complete numerous half and full marathons raising money for the British Heart Foundation. In preparation and following the runs she will come in for a quick MOT sports massage to ease out any tweaks and niggles.