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The Running Clinic

Everyone knows how to run correctly, right? Well, not exactly. We have done it since we were children but in many cases the way we run is inefficient, reducing performance and increasing the risk of injury.

Whether you are an amateur or professional there is always something that can be improved.

Biomechanical Running Analysis

Biomechanical analysis is a 60minute long session during which time we will use video imaging to assess your running technique. During this session we will also perform a functional movement analysis. Using these tools we will be able to identify any weakness or imbalances that may be causing or in the future result in unwanted injuries. We will also be able to locate any inefficiencies in your running technique, which may be making running harder or preventing you from running to your potential.

Running Technique Coaching

Correct running technique is something is taught and does not always come as naturally some may think. Through old bad habits, injuries, and imbalances we find ourselves running in a way that is inefficient and puts us at higher risk of injury. When running form is correct we reduce inefficiency and minimize energy loss by maintaining linear momentum, we also reduce impact and strain through the joints, tendons and ligaments.

Running technique coaching consists of a block of sessions. The first session will be the Biomechanical Analysis. The following sessions will consist of learning the correct technique as well as well as exercise to improve activation, mobility and strength. You will receive work to do at home, which will include technique training and specific exercises depending on your personal requirements.